Mármoles Seller, founded at the beginning of the last century, constitutes, for its tradition maintained for four generations by the Seller family, a symbol in the marble sector of the province of Alicante. Mármoles Seller a trustworthy, solvent and prepared company for the new challenges that the future presents us.

Mármoles Seller has been a direct witness of the evolution of the natural stone sector for more than 100 years and four generations, the Seller family has been collecting the witness generation after generation, evolving and growing within the sector.


We currently own three quarries and two factories that allow us to meet the demand in different international markets for the natural marble varieties Crema Marfil, Sandstone Bateig and Alba Limestone.

Over an area of more than 57,000 m2, our two marble factories stand, equipped to carry out all the necessary processes in the haldling of natural stones, achieving the high quality of our marbles and Bateig stone in its final finish.


After more than 100 years, Mármoles Seller SL has wanted to update its image creating a much more modern and practical re-design graphically.